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Yishun River Green

330 Yishun Ring Road

Playpoint has installed the first interactive family park. Located at Yishun River Green and at the foot of Block 330. the playground incorporates the first interactive light installation by Jen Lewin, Crooked Houses by Monstrum as well as multiple hammocks.

The Mini Pool consist of sixteen individual pads placed in the playground surface in two small installations that interact with a wash of colours to the delight of children and families.

At the centre of the playground lies a spiderweb-like structure where kids will be able to clamour onto via a tunnel and reward themselves with a quick descent down the slide.
Not forgetting, the Crooked Houses, by Monstrum known for the whimsical designs, are slightly slanted and play on the structure is entirely left up to the imagination of the kids – The huge and tall slide only upped the fun factor!

The kinetics hammock trellis, encourages kids to explore the different ways they can swing by themselves and with other kids. The 9-piece swings are positioned at varying heights so other than just swinging,
children can treat it as an obstacle course and were bent on reaching the higher ones. It can also double up as a place for gathering as well as a place for socialisation.