The Play Curl at Dulwich College

71 Bukit Batok West Ave 8

The Play Curl creates a transparent yet secluded play adventure for children. It combines vertical play with nature, discovery and active play experiences. Children explore the curl on ground level by using the climbing elements suspended underneath the equipment.

When children enter the play curl they find themselves in between the trees, in a magical crawling/climbing/hiding/lounging/sliding world in which they can move around safely and free due to its transparent nature. Children can always be watched from outside while inside they still feel like they are in their own world.

Tower A (2 Levels)
  • Balance Bridge
  • Monkey Bars
  • Horizontal climbing
  • Ring steps
  • 3D rope structure
  • Climbing mats
  • Lounge nets
  • Crawling nets
Tower B
  • Vertical crawling holes
  • Rubber climbing walls
  • Criss cross ropes
  • Vertical climbing ropes
  • Vertical climbing walls
  • Suspended trampoline
Tower C
  • Soft rubber slide
  • Horizontal climbing ropes
  • Simple climbing net ladder


The play curl consists of three towers connected with two bridges, that span the walking path underneath. Each play tower can be accessed from below and each tower has at least two different climbing routes to get to the bridge. Children can choose between a “difficult” or an “easy” way up depending on their own climbing skills. This keeps the tower challenging for a large variety of children for a long time. Inside children can relax and lounge or find different ways to continue their path. The entire structure is enclosed so the children wont be able to fall or climb out accidentally.


Children can move around and climb into the play curl to explore more play elements inside.

Rope Handles
Climbing Walls
Climbing Ropes