Early Learning Village @ Australian International School

1 Lorong Chuan, Singapore

The Early Learning Village located in Singapore is the’ World’s largest pre-school’. The campus is purpose built for children aged between 18 months to six years.

Playpoint collaborated with the client to design and supply the largest curated collection of Organic Robina playground from KOMPAN. Robina’s beautiful grain structure, raw debarked tree trunks and natural, homemade appearance creates an exceptional visual aesthetic.

The playgrounds are spread throughout the school compounds across different levels. The village theme of the pre-school is echoed in the playgrounds with crooked wooden beams creating unique play environment that blends in perfectly with nature or bring nature to an urban setting. It invokes a community spirit among children and get to immerse themselves in art, music and play.

The playgrounds are divided into several play spaces for children.

Sand Play

Children love playing with sand and water. The Water Channel w/ splash table, water seesaw and sand desk mix with sand are great for the young creative mind, and contribute to children’s early learning, experimentation and understanding of the world.

When they play with sand and water, children develop their motor skills, they learn to interact in groups, and their ability to concentrate grows. In short, sand and water play is great for children’s development.

Explorer Ship

Children unleash their imagination with the Explorer Ship. They are sailors and captains exploring the seas battling pirates and monsters in their quest to charter new adventures.

Robina Towers and Obstacle course

The Robina Towers provides endless opportunity for imaginative play. The structures offer speed, excitement and movement. It provides multiple levels of graduated play suitable for both boys and girls.

The obstacle course provides lots of excitement and challengers for children. The course is not only fun and challenging but also trains the their motor skills, hand eye coordination and improve their cognitive development

Music and Art

The bell lyre, rainbow sansa rimba and the duo kassinda are some of the musical instruments found at the village. It provide children of any age and ability with the natural discovery of music and sound. They enhance any public outdoor area and create a unique musical experience.

For other creative outlets, there are the Chalkboards for children to doddle or create works of art on the boards. They can also have fun making funny faces at the concave or convex mirror panels.