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Donation Project: Mercy Relief 2016
November 04, 2016
Cambodia Donation

In 2016, Playpoint worked together with Mercy Relief to donate a KOMPAN playground to Krang Kandal Primary School in Cambodia, Takeo province. The southern lakeside province is impoverished and not commonly visited by tourists. Hence, we felt the imperative need to brighten up the infrastructure and bring cheer to the children by donating a playground to Krang Krandal Primary School.

Here at Playpoint, we believe that the education of children is the key to a brighter future and wanted to help enrich students by providing play facilities. Play facilities are important to foster social, emotional and intellectual development on top of the existing academic curriculum.

We have a soft spot for schools, because in many communities – big or small – schools serve as a meeting place for residents to converse and socialise with each other. Schools are places where children learn, play and interact with others, hence why a safe environment is needed for them to unlock their highest potential.

In addition to installing a slide and swing in the sand playground, we went a step further by painting their classroom walls to liven up the facilities and hopefully create a more conducive and enjoyable environment for the children to learn in. We made sure to research the environment of the recipient community so that the facilities installed will be appropriate to the climate and terrain, as well as be safe for the target age group users.

We hope that with a more pleasant school environment, we will provide an additional spark of interest for the children in terms of learning and interacting with others. By implementing playtime as part of their curriculum, young students can apply language, leadership and cognitive schools taught in the classroom to a real-life setting, which is the playground. The playground can also serve as a facility for physical education to train students in body conditioning so that they may be healthier, happier and more productive.

The playground was well-received by the children, and we were heartened to see that they thoroughly enjoyed their new facilities. The happiness and excitement we bring to our beneficiaries certainly makes all the effort and every minute of our time spent on this project worth it. We believe that even the littlest effort goes a long way, and are continuously looking out for communities to serve.

Playpoint appreciates every chance we are given to impact the lives of others, be it big or small opportunities.