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Streetlight Philippines
March 14, 2024

Playpoint have partnered with Streetlight Philippines (, a non-profit organisation to gift refurbished playgrounds from Singapore to the children living in the centre. With assistance from Playpoint Philippines, we have delivered and installed the equipment successfully.

Streetlight  is a non-profit organization running helping children to go to school by having study center, skills school and other programs.

At Playpoint, we believe every child deserves the joy of play. That’s why we’ve launched a program that gives a second life to old playgrounds instead of sending them to landfill. We carefully assess and refurbish unused equipment, then donate it to charitable organizations, such as orphanages, in countries like the Philippines and Vietnam. 

By prioritizing reuse, reduction, and recycling, we extend the lifespan of good-condition playgrounds while minimizing environmental impact. This sustainable approach not only helps underprivileged children access safe and exciting play spaces, but also reduces waste and promotes responsible resource management. 

Our program embodies our core value of inclusivity – ensuring every child, regardless of background or socio-economic status, has the right to laugh, explore, and learn through play. Join us in creating a world where playgrounds become bridges of joy and connection for all.