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The influence of Playground Design on Children's Imagination
April 14, 2024

Lin Shiyun’s insight into playground design is featured in ZBNOW/早报现在 on April 14th, 2024. As a playground designer at Playpoint Singapore, Shiyun shares her expertise on what makes an incredible modern playground.

Local playground designs evolve with the times, transitioning from uniform styles to diverse ones, always aiming to ignite children’s imagination. Shiyun emphasizes the importance of biophilic elements or blending playgrounds seamlessly with nature. Narrative-driven playgrounds like the Alice in Wonderland-themed Dawson Vista Playground bring fantastical worlds to life, encouraging imaginative play. Educational elements are also integrated, as seen in playgrounds like the one at the TRX shopping center in Kuala Lumpur, which introduces children to different types of rocks. She also underscores the importance of thinking like a child when designing playgrounds, as children often have unique ways of playing compared to adults, and the simplicity of design to provide space for children to use their imagination. Playgrounds should be vibrant canvases for children to explore, imagine, and play freely, embracing the joy of childhood.