the art of play
There is method to our madness, and magic to our method.
We take fun as seriously as we do technical challenges and safety standards.
Our process is a mix of rigorous method and the magic of creation.
sustainable materials
We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow her from our children.
At Playpoint, we believe every child deserves the joy of play. That's why we've launched a program that gives a second life to old playgrounds instead of sending them to landfill. We carefully assess and refurbish unused equipment, then donate it to charitable organizations, such as orphanages, in countries like the Philippines and Vietnam.

By prioritizing reuse, reduction, and recycling, we extend the lifespan of good-condition playgrounds while minimizing environmental impact. This sustainable approach not only helps underprivileged children access safe and exciting play spaces, but also reduces waste and promotes responsible resource management.

Our program embodies our core value of inclusivity – ensuring every child, regardless of background or socio-economic status, has the right to laugh, explore, and learn through play. Join us in creating a world where playgrounds become bridges of joy and connection for all.
our philosophy
To push the boundaries of playground and landscape design and to create spaces that connect people, encourage healthier living, and integrate design, architecture and nature.
our process

For every project, we communicate closely with our clients to ensure that their needs for an innovative play space is met. We decide on details such as the project aspirations, timeline, and play value of the playground, while conducting on-site surveys to assess the scale of the project.


Once we finalise the details of your project proposal, our designers and architects work together to conceptualise your dream playground. We craft themes, sketch out ideas, brainstorm concepts, and assemble mood boards to come up with creative designs.


When the design is finalised, we move to detailed drawings with our engineers and technical designers and start planning the assembly of the playground. And with the right materials and equipment are in, we begin work.


We uphold a firm commitment to safety and value it as part of our design philosophy. At each stage, we assess every aspect of our playground designs and equipment with our team of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors. All our playgrounds are certified in accordance with applicable safety standards before handing over to our clients.

our social responsibility
Giving back and bringing smiles
While playgrounds may be a common sight in certain countries and societies, it is not always the case for underprivileged children who might not be as lucky.

We believe that Joy and Laughter are a big part of everyone's childhood. What better way is there than to bring it to them?

Playpoint has been donating playground facilities for the less-fortunate children, both locally and around the region in places such as Timor-Leste, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Our collaboration with NGOs such as The Chain Reaction Group and Mercy Relief not only helps to bring smiles to their faces, but also upholds our commitment to sustainability by giving both our new and used playgrounds a new lease of life and purpose.
our design solutions
We combine professionalism with passion.
Innovation with imagination.
Function with fun.