Country: Germany

Category: Playground

As the Spacenet inventors and pioneers of the rope play industry, Corocord have been the globally leading and recognized specialists in unique rope constructions with high play value for more than 45 years.

The journey began in Berlin in the 1970s, when Berlin architect Conrad Roland developed the Corocord Play Spacenet – a true invention based on a patented rope net structure accessible from all four sides, offering great three-dimensional play value for numerous children at the same time. From idea through complete concept to the perfect and handcrafted realisation, the creative Corocord team has invented and designed innovative play solutions for various age spans and user groups over the years.

Today Corocord solutions stand as expressive architectural sculptures and magic attractions at playgrounds all over the world. The transparent appearance of the play nets makes them fit into any environment, with an aesthetically pleasing design. Often described as true landmarks or even great pieces of modern art. The net structures can hold numerous children at the same time and open up endless options for interaction and play activities, like climbing, swinging, sliding, jumping, bouncing and balancing. Corocord engineers have paid special attention to the ergonomics and safety, so parents can rely on that climbing in Corocord nets are superior in developing physical activity in a safe play solution.