Le Jardin
Le Trong Tan, La Khe, Ha Dong, Hanoi
Client Park City Hanoi
Architect One Landscape
Photography Tran Hoang Sang
Realization Dec 2022



With its quirky angles and shapes, KUMA attracts adventurous play explorations in 6-12yearolds. The curved climbing wall with the color spot cleats invites a challenging climb to the top. The combination of swaying, bouncy, sturdy climbs in KUMA intensely train the child's coordination, proprioception and sense of balance, all important motor skills for e.g. navigating traffic safely.


2 Seat Swing

Swinging is pure thrill and joy, being swung up and down, using the whole body to increase speed, or slow down. The seat is shaped with a slight curve in the middle, to facilitate the secure seat position of a wide age span. A great place to play, for all ages, for hours and days.