Bedok Beacon
222 Bedok N Dr, Singapore 460222
Metalco - Diamante

An array of high quality and elegant designed bench from Metalco can be found here. The curve lines of Diamante benches blended seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

Client Housing & Development Board
Landscape Architect Salad Dressing
Architect MKPL Architect
Realization March 2021


Wood & HPC

Made of HPC (High Performance Concrete) combine with hardwood composed of a seat and two supports in steel plate or sheet. Three versions are available: two curved, one linear.


With or Without Back

Choose Diamante seat in either linear (made of hardwood) or or 45° curved (made of hardwood). Linear seating options include single backless, double backless, single with backrest or double with backrest. 45° seating options include double backless, with backrest and internally curved and with backrest externally curved.