Como Adventure Grove
Singapore Botanic Gardens, Gallop extension
A naturalistic playground inspired by nature

Biophilic is a buzzword these days, though the concept dates way back to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. It’s the idea that urban spaces can embrace nature, draw energy from it and give back to it.

The latest extension of Singapore’s iconic Botanical Gardens, COMO Adventure Grove creates play elements inspired by forest canopies, jungle trails and Singapore’s diverse flora. It’s a biophilic wonderland designed to inspire curiosity and encourage exploration.

Type Park
Client NParks Singapore
Architect Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl
Realisation 2020
Products Kinectics
Award LIAS Award of Excellence 2022 - Best of Category and Gold Awards
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the banyan tree tower
A modern interpretation of the timeless experience of climbing and playing on trees


Textured tree branches

A giant sandpit amidst lush greenery centred around a 10m banyan tree, the Grove is augmented by sprawling branches, created with bespoke specialists
Kinetics, who transform steel posts into hand-painted tree bark-textured trunks.


Swing around on the branches

As with a real Banyan tree, the Banyan tree tower is recreated to have similar veins and props. As many as 14 branches completed with climbing ropes, swings and circular nets and hammocks for children of all ages to scale, rest or play Tarzan on.


Ficus inspiration

Inspired from the actual Banyan tree, ficus benghalensis, This 3.2m banyan tree tower features strong trunkings equipped for climbing, netting and swinging, giving kids a glimpse into the nesting birds, flying squirrels and colourful insects of the neighbouring trees. A chance for kids to satisfy their curiosity and experience nature from a different perspective, 3.2m off the ground.


Exhilarating Tube slides

Playpoint suggested several features to increase the fun and excitement, for example, raising the height of the slides. Two long tube slides at 6m and 11m, designed for speed and thrills, lets kids exit the canopy with an exhilarating ride, and keeps them coming back for more. Decorated with shrubs and creepers, the sandy pathway reveals many more nature-inspired delights.

Connect with nature
COMO Adventure Grove playground is all about appealing to children’s innate desire to explore and connect with nature.
The COMO Adventure Grove is inspired by the distinctive parts of trees found within the Gardens, and is a modern interpretation of the timeless experience of climbing and playing in trees.
Mingxin Foundation Rambler’s Ridge and OCBC Arboretum at Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Gallop Extension open, NParks
Playing with nature
We were inspired by the distinctive parts of trees found within the Botanical Gardens


Scale the jackfruit

Playpoint proposed a Jackfruit 100 times the size of the real fruit, and invites children to scale its thorny surface with holding grips. Varying levels of difficulty allow children of different ages to hone their coordination and improve their sense of awareness as they descent.


Inspired by nature

Insect riders, undulating moulds and wooden steps create an obstacle course for the young and adventurous. This, dotted with specially designed gigantic saga seeds, provide colourful and springy seats, appealing to both the young and young at heart alike.