Alkaff Courtview
102A Bidadari Park Dr, Singapore 341102
Meadow, Rocks & Forest Theme Playgrounds

This playground is the continuation from the other three theme playground at Alkaff Crescent. Separated by flooring level, the three playgrounds each have different and distinct themes of their own. The Meadows, Rocks and Forest Playground surely attracted children and the caretaker to enjoy each of the equipment unique theme. 

Client Housing & Development Board
Architect MKPL Architects Pte Ltd
Designer Carve
Realisation August 2020
Awards Singapore Good Design Award Winner 2022 (Architecture)
Meadow Playground
This playground is the continuation from the other three theme playground at Alkaff Crescent. Inspired from meadow, which is land filled with grass and small flower, this playground bring nature back inside the city. Mostly covered with green rubberflooring color, children can step, climb, crawl and even balancing through the natural wood playboxes.


Play Boxes

Play under or over the boxes, we can play it all! Either crawling or balancing on top of the boxes, children will have fun socializing and climbing these boxes.


Stepping Pods

With different heights, stepping or jumping around is all that you need here.

Rocks Playground
Big asymmetrical boulders are laying here to be discovered and explored! Don't be afraid to climb the grips and cross the wobbly rope bridge.
Forest Playground
Located at the 4th floor of the Bidadari Estate, the forest playground are unique and encapsulate the children imagination of exploring the forest. Designed and dominated with brown color natural posts, the play area are perfect for climbing, swinging, sliding, and hang out. All range of age can play here, with toddler seats, mildly height playmound, and rope plays to enjoy together.