Fu Shan Garden
81 Woodlands St 81

Roarrrr… Stegosaurus and Triceratops have been spotted at Fushan Gardens.
Can’t wait to see this humongous dinosaur that has been disappeared for millions of years!

Client Sembawang Town Council
Architect Design Metabolists Chartered Architects
Products Monstrum
Realisation January 2019
In a quiet part of Woodlands Street 81,

a roar echoes in the distance signalling Singapore’s very own Jurassic Park gaining two new additions to its menagerie of colourful prehistoric creatures. In designing a playground with dinosaurs, we intended to create inviting and life-like play structures.

Dinosaur Playground

A charming green stegosaurus and a yellow triceratops have wandered onto the greens at Fu Shan Gardens. Their grounds are adorned with balance boards, looking like colourful springy flowers, designed with a complementing colour palette that matches the dinosaurs.

The use of wood lends a natural element to the dinosaurs, giving the sense that they are a part of the landscape. Wood slats were used to wrap up the body, to add depth to its skeleton structure, providing an educational and imaginative play aspect.


have been carved into the bellies of both dinosaurs, allowing children to comfortably lounge about and relax within their enclosed spaces. This design aims to increase the possibility of ample light to shine through the sightlines found on the exterior, creating an alternating pattern of light and shadow play for the watcher within.


from the stegosaurus’ elongated tail, across its broad back and down to its small head, we created a mix of small steps for our little climbers to scale to new heights. The climbing stilts are calibrated for small children to use their hands and feet to grip tightly as they ascend the large body. Children can also scale the triceratops’ back with the help of the fireman’s slide on the side.


Vivid colours

were selected to emphasize the cheerful and approachable natures of the playground creatures. The bright yellow skin and pearly white horns of the triceratops showcase its friendly nature while making it eye-catching from afar. For the stegosaurus, the green shade was used so it will appear sublimely from the grass. The complementary colour of red was chosen for the stegosaurus’ scales to deliver visual interest while highlighting the size and shape of the gentle giant.

Though the new Jurassic Mile at Changi Airport has been catching the attention of dinosaur lovers everywhere in Singapore, Singapore’s classic Jurassic Park at Fu Shan Gardens is not to be missed for the sculptures that you can play on!