We design, build, and maintain outdoor installations across Asia. We offer the following services to our clients:

We provide consultation on all aspects related to every stage of playground development and design. Share your aspirations with us, and we can help you create a unique playground for your urban development project.
Every play space deserves its own distinctive story. Our designers and architects work together to offer suggestions for customised playground equipment that will suit your themed designs. Our fabrication services can modify play platforms to take on a range of appearances, from animals to ships.
We actualise your bespoke designs no matter the scale of the project. We oversee the construction and installation process from start to finish over the weeks and months it will take, to ensure that every part is secure and safe, down to the nuts and bolts.
We arrange for the necessary site preparations to facilitate the installation of your designs. Our team of specialists and certified playground safety inspectors conduct on-site supervision for the safe and efficient assembly of all play structures and park furnishings.
At every step of the process, we follow strict guidelines and procedures to comply with Singapore's standards for playground safety. Upon completion, our playgrounds are rigorously tested and audited in accordance with the playground safety requirements by our Certified Playground Safety Inspectors.
Our highest priority is to ensure the safety of our users. To ensure that our playgrounds are up to standards, we provide on-site inspections, repairs, refurbishments and maintenance. Our warranty periods and requirements may vary and fully customized to the complexity of the designs.