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Daphne Chung
Senior Account Manager
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design (Curtin University, Australia)

With sixteen years of experience in account management for Playpoint, Daphne possesses a wealth of knowledge about the organisation and its work. She has personally overseen more than 500 projects, developed specialised understanding in areas including the public housing sector, and built a strong network in the building industry.

Utilising this insight, Daphne is able to provide stunning design proposals to clients, manage budgets effectively, and provide solutions that always meet customer requirements. Her highly valued work has been a real key to establishing Playpoint in Singapore, where her achievements include projects recognised by the LIAS Awards, Singapore Good Design, and IFLA Asia Pacific Region.

With a background in multimedia design, Daphne leads the team in presenting designs in multiple expressions that are interactive and effective. This extensive expertise allows her to make valuable contributions to the team and beyond.