Buangkok Square Park

Within Buangkok Square Park, there is a play space with a rich past and exciting future. Against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers, you will find three squat houses sitting on a little green and blue hill.

Client Housing & Development Board
Architect Housing & Development Board
Realisation October 2018
Products Carve
Painted in warm, vibrant colours of red, orange, and yellow,

The Little Houses @ Buangkok Square Park stand out amidst the white buildings and sprawling green fields. The design of the village houses is reminiscent of a child’s drawing brought to life. Yet their quaint child-like design evokes nostalgia for simpler times, encompassing the relaxed atmosphere of a kampung village space that is separate from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The village-themed play area

is inspired by Kampung Lorong Buangkok, the last remaining kampung village in Singapore. Instead of stilts, the Little Houses perch on bouncy springs on the hillock, with a giant netting structure linking all three. Rabbit burrow holes are built into the little raised hill, creating new hiding areas for children and more opportunities for sensory and active play.


The heart of the playground, little playhouses can be explored: giant netting structure and a fun slide, ready to be used by a whole bunch of children at the same time. The site is embraced by a natural landform, keeping children safe in the playarea.


The playhouses are the eyecatcher of the playground; brightly coloured and visible from afar, this zone stimulates the adventurous and explorative nature of children of all ages.

Besides being a space to promote social interaction, playgrounds are also for relaxation away from the hectic life of the urban city. The houses are designed with specially perforated walls, allowing children to peer out of them while giving them some privacy at the same time. Around the playground exterior, gigantic fishing poles ascend from the ground to reach the sky. They hold a variety of hammock swings for those who wish to have some quiet time away from the main play area.

For those wishing to relive and share the endless fun of past kampung days

The Little Houses @ Buangkok Square Park provide tons of opportunities for children to run, climb, jump, scramble and play all around the village on the hill!