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Let children's imagination flow in the playground
Lianhe Zaobao
May 26, 2022

Jennifer Teo photo essay on the Crooked House Playground in Brumleby Copenhagen, Denmar  and Yishun, Singapore  is published in zbNOW/早报现在 on May 19th. 2022. The photos and essay include some other themed playgrounds in Singapore, all of which are co-designed by Danish Consultancy Firm, MONSTRUM and us, Playpoint Singapore Pte Ltd


After returning to Singapore from Denmark, I found that on the left side of Block 330, Yishun River Green, Yishun Ring Road, there is also a twisted house playground, which was built by Monstrum and Playpoint Studio in Singapore. Like the playground seen in Broomby in Copenhagen, the playground in Yishun features three curved houses that blend in nicely with the surrounding HDB buildings. Each crooked house has its own signboard in both Chinese and English, suitable for children to play role-playing. Outside one of the twisted houses, there are also small rock climbing facilities, suitable for children who love to climb but have no energy to run out. Such a seemingly simple playground actually combines art, architecture and design inspiration to stimulate children’s imagination.

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