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Playpoint New Logo
January 04, 2021
Our Logo

Playpoint’s new identity was inspired by building blocks, which are basic units that a structure is made of and built from. Our brand mark (icon) comprises of different building blocks that are put together to form the alphabet “P”. The alphabet represents Playpoint as a whole entity, while the circle beside it emphasises the second half of our name, “point”.

Rationale Behind the Logo

alphabet ; /ˈalfəbɛt/

Throughout the years, our team has grown in numbers. Many, including the people we have collaborated with, have contributed to our growth. Individually, these contributions are like separate building blocks. When these contributions stack together and combine, however, they form the whole that is Playpoint. That is what we hope to represent with our new icon. As a team, we have contributed to Playpoint gradually over the years, stacking our contributions block by block to stand at where we are today.

circle ; /ˈsəːk(ə)l/

The circle is a symbol of wholeness and totality, which represents our approach to building playgrounds. From beginning to end, we are in complete control of the process, which is carried out under one roof. This enables us to balance the opposing qualities of “fun” and “resolute” in our work; two halves that make up a perfect whole to represent our attitude to our craft. We have fun during the design process, when we let our imaginations run wild and ideate designs that no others can think of. Yet at the same time, we are resolute and determined to never let our works be functional and safe.

alphabet ; /ˈalfəbɛt/ + circle ; /ˈsəːk(ə)l/

These two elements unite to form our new logo: a representation of us as a collective. We are Playpoint, a complete whole that is greater than the sum of our parts.