Hà Đô Centrosa Garden
3 Thang 2 Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City
Complete Play and Fitness

Ha Do Centrosa Garden Apartment owns a beautiful location at 200, 3/2 Street, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. The project has a beautiful location, convenient transportation system for residents living here. The system of utilities is also meticulously invested to bring modern life, confirming the level of living here. Moreover, the space living is extremely unique and stylish, an open space is covered with green space to be fully utilized. 

The playground complete with dry and wet play area, design and placed beautifully around the landscape of public area. Playpoint trusted to installed KOMPAN play and fitness equipment from small springers to exciting climbing adventure nets. 

Client Hado 756
Realization March 2020



Discover waterplay freestanding components that adapt to any play environment. Bring live and joy to waterplayers in neighbourhood.



Gather ‘round the Fun-Guy to uncover its secret effects. Its circular cap features multiple spray nozzles and spins 360° for a playful carousel of splashes.

KOMPAN Fitness
The classic form of disciplined training that combines strength training with aerobics, targeting all elements of fitness. Excercises are completed consecutively after a specific number of repetitions or a specific amount of time. At each station, a specific exercise for a specific muscle group is conducted.