Timbre+ Eastside Playground
1 Expo Drive , Carpark B
Vertical Sprout PlayTower

Food and play are paired together at the Timbre+ Eastside playground at Singapore EXPO. The new “green and sustainable” food park not only has variety of food options for hungry diners but a space for kids.

Client Singex Venues Pte Ltd
Architect Topos Architect Pte Ltd
Realization August 2021


Coordination & Strenght

Kids can climb up the Timbre+ Eastside playground to reach the upper deck. Inside, there are some hammocks which they can hang out at while imagining an idyllic life living in a treehouse.


Gathering Platform

The “bark” of the tree trunk is made up of a wire mesh which makes it possible for kids to look out and for parents to look in. This yellow (which looks green under certain lighting conditions) play structure sprouts up vertically from its small footprint.